Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"I wanna feel weightless, and that should be enough"
-All  Time Low, Weightless

Yesterday I left my house with literally full hands. That might not sound that strange, but when you take the bus everywhere, you learn how to pack light and big so that you have your hands free to shove into your pockets or signal thank you's to the cars letting you pass.

But sometimes, when you have a full extra hour to kill before work, the best thing you can do is grab the package you have to mail, the shirt you have to return, your crazy pre-packed meals for the day, and the big bag of stuff you need to deliver to work, and you go for it. Even when you have a massive headache that's making you feel a little sick.

The very interesting thing about cold weather, at least for me, is the way it makes you appreciate how simple tasks are in the spring. Snow may be very pretty, but it's also very reflective, and nothing intensifies a headache like ridiculous exposure to sun. Walking in a big puffy jacket, with leggings under my pants, and my eskimo sized hood over my face, I can feel the extra weight of keeping warm, literally. Also, getting to the bus stop with your arms full is not so bad if you can leave the box on the ground while you wait. That's a no-go when the ground is white and wet. Another fun fact about the bus and snow- even when the snow is not new, the bus schedule is messed up. You just kind of go and hope to get lucky enough to catch one sooner rather than later.

My luck is not that good. I prayed.

I arrived at the bus stop about 37 seconds before the bus did. Both on the way to the post office, and on the way to work afterwards. Miracles, apparently, do occur.

At each new location as I arrived, I felt my load literally lighten- first the loss of a surprisingly heavy box, then the loss of the sweatshirt and the bag it came in, then my lunch as I placed it away in fridge, and finally the things I brought for work. Each one took a few pounds off the big mess I was carrying, until my bag held only my essentials, and weighed almost nothing. My headache eased a bit with each task completed, as if the stress of a to-do list was contributing to the pressure. Even removing my burly layers made me feel smaller. By the time I arrived at my desk, I felt, literally, relieved.

Matthew 11:30, (ESV) reads "For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” If you've ever been in a church before, you may have heard this verse. And maybe laughed at it, like I used to. Some days, the burden of being a Christian is unbelievable. You believe that you have found this Messiah that the rest of the world doesn't see. You believe their eternity hangs in the balance, and all they want to do is laugh at you as they try to get you to use swear words. You  are trying to live your life by this conducted moral code and all around you the world is pressing in. trying to break you out of the Jesus bubble you hide in. All this is just compounded on top of the rest of the worries you have- "who will I be? What is my future like? Do I have enough time for a haircut this weekend?" It's exhausting.

We need someone to take the bags and lighten the load.

See, Jesus didn't mean for us to worry about any of this. He came so that we could let it all go. So we could look at others, love them, and let Him work through us. He cares for the future, for who we become, and for those pesky friends who want us to cuss. He cares for the plans we make and what happens in our lives. We just need to trust him and give him our massive purses and our boxes to mail and our returns... He has it handled. It leaves us plenty of time to figure out the haircut, which is less of a problem when there aren't 100 things on our minds.

I am learning to give my burdens to Jesus. And it's like taking off my winter clothes all over again. I feel the ease of each day. and celebrate each morning for it's newness. I am restored and renewed by what the Lord has done. It's incredible. It's like Advil migraine after a long morning- the pressure dulls, weakens, and finally ceases. And I'm left wide awake, empty handed, and ready to go out into the bright world and show off the life I have in my Messiah.

Thank you God, for emptying my hands.

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