Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Introduction to something new

Dear Readers,

There are a lot of questions people ask me when they find out that I am a young, decently adjusted, (relatively) sane person, who has actually chosen to follow Jesus with my life. Granted, before the questions, there is a certain amount of gawking, stammering, nervous laughter, and/or re-evaluation of the statements I made about myself above. Then there's usually an inventory of what kind of limits this might place on my life (I'll leave these to your imagination). But once all the dust has settled, and people start to come to terms with my life decision, there are questions, some of which I have answers to, some of which I don't. But either way, I love the questions, because they give me the opportunity to share a little bit of truth, without the wikipedia crazies giving their opinions first.

One questions that's coming up a lot lately is about how I can believe in two Gods- the vengeful menace of the old testament, who used death and destruction to get a quick means to end, and the loving, hippie like God of the new testament, who talks about life, and peace, and happiness. I can understand the confusion that people might feel about this- the first few times God was explained to me,  I didn't really get it either. I remember feeling concerned that people wanted me to follow this guy who was capable of wiping out entire groups of people because they got in His way...

The old testament is a scary book. 

But in reality, when you spend a little bit of time reading the bible, you start to realize the truth- the God of the both testaments- He's the same guy. The loving, peaceful side does come out in the first set of books- amidst some of the harshness of the stories, there are clear cut examples of God's love and His hope to spread that love, and peace, to his people. And in the New Testament, God is not all about loving one another and making people happy. He's a mixed bag. 

I'm making a pretty big assessment here, and I know you're sitting there, hoping that I'll back them up. And I will. This is the introduction to a series of posts I hope to get up with examples of both. I hope to show both sides of God in both places, and to unify the idea of who he is in the end. I'll use things like the story of the Exodus, the story of Joseph, and some of the laws provided to the people when they first settle into the promised land to show how much God loved the people, even then. (Feel free to read up in advance). And I'll use some of the assertions Jesus made, some of the frustration that Paul expresses in his letters, and the life of some of the apostles to show that God is always waging a war for those He loves. 

I'm excited about the implications of this- hopefully I'll have the first installment up this week. I hope you'll read along. 

One more thing- if you have any questions you'd like answers to, please feel free to comment them to me. I'm happy to address anything I know the answers to, and to find answers to anything else. 

Here's to some learning, some thought provoking discussion, and to a chance for me to get some answers out onto a (web)page. 

The blogger

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