Friday, August 5, 2011

Private Moments in Public Places

"All human beings are interconnected, one with all other elements in creation"
Henry Reed

Normally I am not an overly emotional person. Actually, that might be a bit of an understatement- as far as expressions and feelings, I have the amazing gift of sarcasm to cover me from anything that I do not want to acknowledge or deal with. I do pretty well as an emotionally ill-equipped person... most days.

Today was not one of them. Today I teared up on the subway.

Let me preface this little gem of a story by telling you that for the last few weeks I have been working through this book called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality... can you guess what it's about? One of my favorite points of this book is that we do not have to be sorry that we have emotions, and we do not have to contain them. The author talks about how many famous people, biblcally or unbiblically, have been known to let loose and grieve without remorse. Joesph, Paul, even Jesus- they were all known to weep when it mirrored their hearts.

Well, today on the subway, I was listening to a friend that God has very reccently brought into my life talk about the loss and pain she suffered which showed her to the Messiah, and in remembering the lonliness that I felt before truly following God and finding friends, I felt tears spring to my eyes. It was an incredible moment for my new friend, another friend who was with us, and me.... and also for the gentlemen sitting down beside us on the train, and the one behind one of our party.

"I think I'm gonna cry," joked one of our neighbors, in a gentle time. In some strange way, he could feel the emotions that were radiating out of our little group, connecting with us as a fellow human being. I'm sure when he got on the subway, he had no intention of listening in to a conversation abbout other people's struggles and pasts. But in those few moments between 86h and 42nd street, he joined in to the greater humnan experience, and it made his day just a little different.

I'm starting to understand the importance of emotion- it's not just a personal release, but it's also a unifying factor that unifies the squares on the patchwork quilt that is humanity. Our sides meet where we have shared the same feelings, and we bond together and hold tight for strength. And I'm ok with my little moment in the subway , although it's not my usual bag, because it made someone think a little bit about how good it is to have good friendships.

I'm so grateful for this new friend, for another soul that I can connect with. Even in places as strange as the subway.

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