Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A miracle for Johnny (Or the truth in my unbelief)

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
Matthew 18:20

I created the invite last Saturday night out of desperation.

I was exhausted from a very straining week- there had been very little sleep. To begin with, my ability to talk, which deeply effects my job, got bored and took a holiday. leaving my straining even with the simple sounds. Then, good friends of mine alerted me to the fact that their dad was going to have to undergo heart surgery. They felt optimistic of his chances, but I still waited anxiously on thursday for the news that things had gone well. And just before one, I got my confirmation that they had.

It was only a minute that the relief warmed me, however. As I went to log out of Facebook, where updates where my friends were posting the updates about the condition of their dad, I saw a message that made my heart sank. My friend Ashley, a "little sister" of mine, had posted that her brother had been admitted to the hospital for an unknown malady, one that was causing havoc on his body.

Reaching out to her, I found out what was going on, and my heart sank low into my chest. Johnny's kidney's were failing. His intestines were expanding. He was too weak to talk or really move at all. He was losing control of vital operations in his body. And worst off- no one seemed to have any idea why.

Desperate to help, my younger sister and I created the best care package we could manage and sent it off the next day. We prayed on our own, in our own quiet places. But Johnny didn't get better. He got worse.

He'd been admitted on thursday. By Saturday, I was really starting to lose heart. The doctors were planning more tests for monday. They were pessimistic about Johnny's recovery chances. None of the things they believed him to have were curable- they figured they would follow him for the rest of his life. They were convinced that without the IV they had him on, he wouldn't live more than a few hours.

So I logged into my Facebook account on a mission, and put together an event, inviting people of faith to pray for Johnny. I spread it over to Ashley and my own younger sister Karyn, and even our friend Wil. We all started sending out invites. I'd created the event at 9:30 on Saturday night. On Sunday at 8, just 11 hours later, 160 people had agreed to pray for Johnny.

And not without results. When the doctors walked in that morning, they were amazed to see Johnny looking much better. They ran a few tests, and found that his blood count was back to normal, his vitals were okay, and that he was, it seemed, rather healthy. The tests that they had run previously for diseases had come back negative, and the ones that they had planned for the following morning were no longer necessary- it seemed Johnny's incurable disease had fled his body.

The miracle had occurred.

Warning him that he was not 100 percent yet, the doctors released Johnny around 11 in the morning. He went home, where he picked up his video games again, and later that night we took him out to see the world again for a few hours, where he danced, laughed, and ate chicken fingers as if nothing had ever happened.

And people continued to pray. So much so, that the event eventually had 181 people in attendance.

Today, Johnny was declared healthy. His sister left this message on the Facebook wall."

"THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PRAYING FOR MY BROTHER <3333333 I'd like to announce that he is FULLY HEALED! all your prayers worked!.

The doctors still have no idea what caused this or how this happened but what we do know for sure is that He is no longer sick and is back to playing video games and being an annoyance as always ♥ He's back to himself lol =].


In less than a week, a huge miracle has swept in and changed my life. See, I would love to say that when I made that event, that I had full faith of Johnny's recovery. I had a lot of faith, don't get me wrong. But on some level, I was forcing myself to believe because I knew that it was essential. I am often found lacking in the faith that moves mountains and stills the seas.

But this is the power of my Lord, that even in my unbelief, he listened to 181 people's prays and answered them faithfully. He kept his promises to his people, who came before Him with the best interests of a young man at heart. It's not everyday that a sixteen year old boy gets some kind of terrible disease. But it's also not every day that healing comes through so amazingly.

If you need more encouragement that faith works miracles, read the story of the boy in Luke 9:38-43.

In the midst of all this, I am in a tizzy of self- reflection. And I am stunned at my own silly earth-bound logic. My brain keeps trying to convince me that I am afraid of all the miracles that may not have occurred because of my inability to truly admit the grace of God.

But my heart is afraid of how many miracles I may have missed because I was to blind to notice them.

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