Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Pressures of Life

My very good friend has a little girl named Sahara, who turns two this Sunday. I am excited for the festivities that will commence in her honor, as well as the love that I know that she is already starting to understand that surrounds her. And I, her aunt "weeble" as she refers to me, am so blessed to be part of this young life that started a mere 730 days ago, and the celebration of it.

But this week, I felt an unanticipated pressure. In the excitement of looking forward to her birthday, I'd forgotten a major  detail. I'd failed to realize that this year, she's another year older, another year more fun... and I have no idea what to bring to commemorate it. 

Honestly, what do you buy for a two year old? I take pride in knowing what kind of gifts to get, and what will make people happy, but what do you give to a kid whose favorite pastime is breaking out of her crib at 3 in the morning? Can't give her a wrench- she's doing fine without one. 

I was so caught up in the activities surrounding her birthday, that I found myself unprepared. None the less, I sprung into action. I am a cool aunt, a fun aunt- I am Aunt Weeble for ribbon's sake. I did the only thing I could logically think of. 

I bought her a big stuffed animal chair, and a mickey mouse guitar. 

Often times, I find myself so caught up that I'm not prepared for whatever is happening when it comes. And it's not always good like a birthday- sometimes, it can be the anticipation of a talk that I know one day I will have to have with my youth group kids, or a fight waiting to erupt with my sisters. And I know it's coming, but I never think through my process- instead, it arrives and finds me unprepared to deal with it. 

Not bringing the right equipment can be detrimental to a situation. If you show up unready, you seem thoughtless. You are less likely to be invited back. You are less likely to win the argument. You are, however, more likely to feel useless, and say things you don't mean.

It is comforting to me that whenever I am unprepared, God is at the ready. There are no situations that He has not seen and anticipated- He is ready for anything. Because when it's the two of us, I'm the one who is more likely to show up empty handed. But He is always there to slip me an extra gift so I don't make a disgrace of myself. I am the cool Aunt, but God is better than that, because He is the Father, and He knows what I need to get through, even when I don't. 

I can party with the birthday girl without stress, because I have the gift wrapped and ready. God can party with us, because the gifts have been waiting for us the whole time.

Pictures of the birthday girl and her early gift:

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